December 2012

Religious Formation Conference

Transformation of Religious Life in North America: An Action-Oriented Initiative

This third nationwide round of workshops will continue to affirm participants’ desires and hopes for the ongoing transformation of religious life and bring this initiative to an action-oriented completion. Participants will be assisted in initiating and sustaining communal movement towards a renewed expression of religious life, and motivated to accept their call to be agents of change. Emphasis in the upcoming 2013 workshops will be on skill development to actively facilitate and promote movement into the future in religious congregations. This movement will be animated through facilitating communal discernment and corporate movement around the core elements of communal life, mission, and solidarity with God’s people, with a particular focus on the poor and marginalized. The hoped for outcome is that  participants will gain clarity  about their respective goals, grasp the dynamics and skills needed to facilitate the communal dialogue and discernment that is the pathway to the future

More Information: Religious Formation Conference

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