February 2013

A Mysterious Visit From Above

Through her work in the kindergarten of Tórshavn, she speaks about the extraordinary meeting with the «most competent doctor in the world».

About 10 years ago at my perpetual profession in Korea, I was sent to the Province of Belgium, Netherlands, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands. My destination in this new province was the Faeroe Islands. In Korea, no one knows where this is located!
I had quite a difficult time learning French and then Faroese.

As I got off the plane, I felt like I had landed in a desert as there were no trees and the soil was dried and cracked. Now, I know how to admire the mesmerizing rocky landscape of these often battered Islands by such strong winds. Part of Denmark, it is an automous province of 50,000. This does not include the 80,000 sheep and the million birds! Fishing is the main source of exports. Tórshavn is the capital and it was dedicated in honour of the Viking God, Thor. (continue…)

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