August 2017

Intercongregationality. Intercongregational Solidarity

The future of religious life will be more humble, without large institutions; more centered in God, much more spiritual; with more inner work; more missionary and, therefore, better prepared for the mission; more simple and simplified from an institutional point of view; more organized with new forms of extended communities; welcoming, center of spirituality and mission; that struck the society with its compassionate, calm, bright faces. (José Cristo Rey Garcia Paredes)

It might seem that the intercongregationality 1 is something totally new in the Church and in Religious Life. The dynamics of life itself tends to recover the truth, the goodness and love. This dynamism is at the root of all human being and in structures. Although you can get away from this, the forces of good tend to spark creativity in order to find the meaning of life and mission. The discomfort due to evil is counterbalanced by the welfare and peace that come from good.

We are all witnesses of the rise of people and groups who, in the story, try to recover or to promote good, truth and love. An institute that originates from a positive motivations can, over time, lose this characteristic because its objective is moved on urgent issues and a structure is established that gradually moves away from the original motivation. This happens in every society. It begins with a positive optimism, with a ‘nascent state’ and, little by little, in it enter some negative aspects that can jeopardize the institution itself.

Intercongregationality. Intercongregational Solidarity

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