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Relipress (acronym of Religious Life Press) is a network of magazines of the Consecrated Life.

Roma 2004

In the fall of 2004, the Union of Superiors General (USG) and the International Union of Superiors General (UISG) sponsored an international conference occurred in Rome on the topic of the consecrated life with the theme “Passion for Christ, Passion for Humanity”. During this conference, the USG and UISG endorsed an international meeting all the religious life magazines and those who are responsible to those entities.

First Stage: Santiago, Chile  (2008)

The First International Meeting of the Consecrated Life Magazines (il Primo Incontro Internazionale delle Riviste di Vita Consacrata) was held in Santiago, Chile in November 27-30, 2008 with great dedication of Rev. José María Arnaiz (who was one of the testimonial speakers). The conference was attended by twenty entities of the major magazines of Consecrated Life. During the meeting, the participants came to the mutual understanding of how to work in raising the awareness of the communication services offered by these Consecrated Life’s magazines.

Magazines: Bollettino UISG, CONFER, Convergéncia, Frontera Hegian, Informativo CIRM, Religiosi in Italia, Review for Religious, Revista CLAR, Testimoni, Testimonio, Vida Religiosa, Vinculum

Second Stage: Madrid,  Spain (2010)

After the meeting in Santiago, the second conference of the International Meeting of the magazines of Consecrated Life was held in Madrid from November 26-28 2010. During this conference, the participants decided to create a common website that promotes and exchanges information within these entities.

Magazines: Bollettino UISG, CLAR, CONFER, Convergéncia, Frontera Hegian, Informativo CIRM, Religiosi in Italia, Revista CLAR, Tabor, Testimoni, Testimonio, Vida Religiosa, Vies Consacrées, Vinculum.

Third Stage: Roma, Italy (2012)

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council, the biennial of the magazines was held in Rome at the headquarters UISG on November 28-30 2012. The main focus of the exhibit was to renew and find a common commitment on a network of information in order to follow in the footsteps of the Council, because the magazines are  «one of the testimonies of the Consecrated Life in the Church».

Magazines: Bollettino UISG, CONFER, Consacrazione e servizio, Convergéncia, Frontera Hegian,  Informativo CIRM, Religiosi in Italia,  Revista CLAR, Sequela, Testimoni, Testimonio, Vies Consacrées, Vinculum, Vita Consacrata.

Fourth Stage: Bogota, Colombia (2014)

The fourth international meeting was held in Bogota (Colombia) from October 16-19 2014. The theme of the conference was on the theological and experiential communication in digital culture: «the joy of communication, the encounter of a culture, in digital age». Internet is a place of evangelization and magazines of the Consecrated Life are committed to work together toward this direction.

Magazines: Albertus Magnus, Convergéncia, Frontera Hegian, Revista CLAR, Revista Medellín CELAM, Revista Optantes, Reflexiones Teológicas Javeriana,  Testimonio, Unidade e Carisma, Vida nueva, Vida Religiosa, Vinculum.


Fifth Stage: Brasilia, Brasil (2016)

The fifth international meeting was held in Brasilia (Brasil) from October 26-28 2016. The theme of the conference was “Communicating Mercy: A Form for Humanizing the World”, taking inspiration from the Gospel: “Go and do likewise”(Lk 10: 37b), They were present local Magazines that are interested in an interaction with the magazines of consecrated life. Common target war to find a way to communicate mercy today in a time of great hope and strong contradictions.

Magazines: A Bollettino UISG, CONFER, Convergéncia, Esperança, Família Cristã, Frontera Hegian, Grande Sinal, Informativo CIRM, Mensageiro do Coração de JesusMissões, O Lutador, Presença Marista, Serviço de Informação Missionária, Revista de Liturgia, Revista Itaici, Testimoni, Unidade e Carismas, Vida Religiosa, Vida Consagrada, Vinculum.

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